Netball Puncture Repair Kit

As soon as you noticed that a netball has a puncture, reach for Ball Doctor and bring it back to life in just a couple of minutes by using our innovative kit. Using the supplied syringe, squirt the solution inside, shake the ball around then pump it up so that it can be bounced vigorously. This ensures the sealant is evenly spread and the puncture is totally filled, protecting the ball from future leaks and extending its life. Once the ball has been fixed, its good as new and ready to use on the court. You no longer need to worry about replacing netballs that have lost their shape as they can be easily rescued – the kit can also be used on other inflatable balls including fistballs, kickballs and throwballs.

Reliable puncture repair kit for netball players

Players around the world rely on our kit when they discover a punctured netball!

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