Fistball Puncture Repair Kit

Customers worldwide extend the life of their fistballs using the high-quality Ball Doctor puncture repair kit. Rather than buying new balls to replace those that have a leak, we provide a solution that fixes them quickly so that can be used again and again. Need to repair a single fistball or a large number of them at your school or club? We have the right product for you since we offer a 1oz syringe to fix 1 ball, a quarter gallon bottle for up to 30 balls and a gallon bottle for up to 120 balls.

Repair old fistballs with punctures using our kit

Just because a fistball develops a leak doesn’t mean it is no longer usable. Bring it back to life in a matter of minutes by reaching for Ball Doctor which will make any inflatable ball as good as new, including fistballs, playground balls and Tchoukballs.

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