Tchoukball Puncture Repair Kit

Ball Doctor makes repairing a tchoukball as quick and easy as possible – our kit takes only a few minutes to use! The simple process of fixing a leaking ball is much more time and cost effective than having to replace it with a brand new one. Our innovative product lets customers extend the life of tchoukballs and protect them from future leaks, making it popular with schools, clubs and teams with multiple balls.

An instant fix for punctured tchoukballs

Use our tchoukball repair kit to seal any puncture up to 1/16″ in diameter. The special resin that’s injected inside coats the inner walls and once the ball is re-inflated, it is drawn into the leak and remains active continuously. Quickly bring punctured balls back to life so that you can keep on playing for longer – use our kit to fix any inflatable ball including tchoukballs, volleyballs, throwballs and rugby balls.

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