Kickball Puncture Repair Kit

Our kickball puncture repair kit’s simplicity is what makes it so popular with schools, clubs, teams and individuals around the world – in just a few minutes your ball(s) will be as good as new! The Ball Doctor’s sealant protects against valve leaks and brings a new element of life to inflatable balls that have gone flat, including kickballs, kin-balls and playground balls. Fixing punctured balls is more cost efficient and less wasteful than throwing them out and buying replacements.

Our kickball puncture kit is great value & saves time

Save time that would have been spent sourcing and waiting for new kickballs by using our puncture kit to repair that ones that you already have. The smallest option we have available is ideal for fixing up a single ball, whilst our quarter gallon and gallon options are good for up to 30 or 120 balls respectively.

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