Water Polo Ball Puncture Repair Kit

Buy the popular Ball Doctor repair kit from our online shop and discover the benefits of our water polo ball puncture solution. This bestselling product is loved by teams around the world for its speed, simplicity and efficiency when it comes to repairing inflatable balls for all kinds of sports including water polo, football and basketball.

Cost and time efficient repair kit for punctured water polo balls

With our repair kit you can fix up punctured balls that you already own rather than having to spend time and money buying brand new water polo balls. In just a few easy steps your leaking ball will be as good as new. Just insert the supplied syringe into the valve of the deflated water polo ball, squirt in the resin and shake the ball to spread it around the inner walls. Once pumped up again, bounce the ball vigorously to ensure the sealant has filled the puncture and then you’re ready to play.

Our versatile puncture repair kit can be used on all sorts of inflatable balls, not just water polo balls

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