Basketball Puncture Repair Kit

Fix any basketball puncture up to 1/16″ in diameter with the Ball Doctor repair kit. From the single 1oz pack to the quarter gallon and gallon bottles, we offer options that can seal leaks in up to 120 balls. Our innovative solution saves schools and clubs from needing to buy replacements when their basketballs are damaged.

Quick, simple and effective basketball repair kit

Repairing basketballs with Ball Doctor is a simple process. Once the ball is deflated, shake the container well, fill the syringe and lubricate the nozzle. Insert into the valve and empty the syringe into the ball before re-inflating it and bouncing vigorously to spread the sealant. For years, customer have been relying on our versatile, best-selling product to extend the life of their balls for all kinds of sports such as basketball, volleyball and netball.

Leading basketball puncture solution providers

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