Soccer Ball Puncture Repair Kit

Fix up leaking soccer balls with our reliable puncture repair kit. For years, our high-quality products have saved customers having to spend money on new equipment and the simple, speedy process has made it a bestseller. To repair your soccer ball first you need to deflate it, lubricate the Ball Doctor syringe’s nozzle and squirt the sealant into the valve. Shake, inflate and bounce the ball around to spread the resin around and fill the puncture, then you’re all set.

Repair single or multiple soccer balls with our innovative kit

Whether its your own personal soccer ball that’s got a leak, or your school/club/team’s collection that needs to be revived, our puncture repair kit can be used to bring it/them back to life. Ball Doctor can fix a wide range of balls including soccer and American football/rugby balls.

Buy a puncture kit for yourself or your team online, or call Ball Doctor for soccer ball repair advice: +44 (0) 1702 718944