Korfball Puncture Repair Kit

The key to Ball Doctor’s success is its speed and effectiveness when it comes to repairing punctured korfballs – it really works! Using the kit you can fix up any leak up to 1/16″ in diameter with ease as the resin is quick to apply and protects balls from valve leaks so that they can keep being used. If your club or school has flat korfballs just sitting around, revive them with Ball Doctor rather than letting them go to waste; saving and reusing equipment is more cost and time efficient than replacing it.

Bring korfballs back to life with our puncture repair kit

We have options for single or multiple korfball fixes – choose either the syringe, quart or gallon amounts, whichever suits your needs. Try our reliable repair kit today and start saving hundreds of £’s on korfballs, flickerballs and many other inflatable balls.

Order a puncture repair kit to save your korfballs or call +44 (0) 1702 718944 for details