Ball Puncture Repair Kit Spain

Our clever ball puncture repair kit has been helping customers in Spain to play stronger and longer for many years. Our products are available worldwide and we offer the very best prices online, so no matter what your budget it, we have the solution to meet your needs. Used by individuals, clubs, schools and more, the Ball Doctor helps them to save money on new footballs, basketballs and other inflatable balls (without a bladder). By choosing to repair the ball(s) already in your possession, you can make them last much longer and will not need to throw them away then spend more money purchasing brand new ones. Our resin-based solution reduces waste and takes next to no time to use. Its simplicity is the key to its success – a few minutes it all you need to bring old, damaged balls back to life!

How does the ball puncture repair kit work?

Lubricate the supplied syringe, squirt the Ball Doctor resin inside the deflated ball via the valve, pump up the air pressure and bounce the ball vigorously to spread it around, this will ensure the puncture is filled. That’s all it takes to revive a flat, leaking ball when you have Ball Doctor around. Whether you have just one ball that needs attention, or many piled up that are not in the best shape, we have the product to suit you. Browse our online store and pick either the ‘Single’, ‘Quarter Gallon’ or ‘Gallon’ option to repair from 1 all the way up to 120 balls. As a team of specialist with a passion for ball sports, we only stock the highest quality products that we know will exceed the expectations of our customers in Spain and beyond.

Need more information about ordering your ball puncture repair kit in Spain? Please call 01702 718940 or contact us online.