Ball Puncture Repair Kit Portugal

The process of repairing a football or basketball using this solution is quick and easy, taking only a couple of minutes in total. Once the resin has been applied, it offers protection against future leaks and allows you to play stronger, for longer. When it comes to extending the life of inflatable balls, nothing does a better job than Ball Doctor. By fixing up equipment instead of replacing it, you can save time and money, so it makes sense to make use of the balls you already have, rather than repeatedly purchasing brand new ones the moment yours show signs of wear.

Fix a leaking ball in an instant with the ball puncture repair kit by Ball Doctor – fast shipping to Portugal!

Our repair kit works on any type of valve inflated ball, sealing leaks in valves and any leak up to 1/16″ in diameter. Ball Doctor contains a special resin that clings to the inner walls of a deflated ball and then the sealant gets drawn into the leak when the pressure is pumped back up. It remains active continuously and achieves fast results, perfect for customers who need to quickly bring punctured balls back to life.

Choose the ball puncture repair kit that meets the needs of your school or club in Portugal

Whether you have one ball, or hundreds of them that need attention, we have the product that meets your needs. Our smallest option is a single syringe full of sealant, ideal for a one-time fix. To repair up to 30 balls, it is best to go with the quarter gallon option and for up to 120 repairs we offer a gallon bottle. If you have any questions about the puncture repair kits that we have available, please get in touch with our sports accessory specialists and we’ll be happy to assist you.