Ball Puncture Repair Kit Italy

Our innovative ball puncture repair kit is used by individuals, schools, clubs and teams across Italy to repair valve inflatable balls. As long as the leak is no more than 1/16″ in diameter and the ball does not have a bladder (you can tell if it does by checking to see if the cover is stitched) this kit is the perfect repair solution. It is quick and easy to use, even if there is a leak in the valve, providing a simple quick fix that saves you having to replace balls each time one is damaged. The resin used to fill the puncture is drawn to the leak once you add pressure and positively seals it, allowing you to continue using the same ball over and over. The next time one of your balls gets a puncture, just reach for your Ball Doctor and know that the ball will be back in service in just a few minutes.

How easy is the Ball Doctor puncture repair kit to use?

The process is as simple as lubricating the nozzle and pushing it all the way into the valve of your deflated ball. Then you just empty the entire syringe before removing it, shake the ball and inflate. To ensure the sealant is spread around the inside walls and the puncture is filled with resin, you will need to bounce the ball vigorously and then the job is done. Depending on your requirements, we recommend either ordering a single 1 oz syringe (that can be used on a single ball) or choosing a larger amount – we offer both quarter gallon and gallon sizes for multiple repairs. Having more of the resin also allows you to fix tyres on bikes and trailers that need from 3-5 oz of sealant in order to get back in working order.

Buy your new ball puncture repair kit in Italy from the sports equipment specialists today!