Ball Puncture Repair Kit France

Our ball puncture repair kits are popular among customers in France and around the world. We offer a high quality product that saves you money by extending the life of your balls, so you no longer need to go out and buy new ones. There a few different options to choose from, whether you need a enough resin to fix a single football, or need to repair a large number for your school or club, we have the right product for you. Once you discover that a ball has begun to leak, reach for Ball Doctor and it will be as good as new in a matter of minutes. Rescue any inflatable ball without a bladder quickly and easily, all you need is the Ball Doctor resin, lubricant, a syringe and a pump.

How to repair a puncture with the Ball Doctor kit

The first step is to take the deflated ball and have it ready to one side. After shaking the container, fill the syringe and lubricate the nozzle. Insert this all the way into the ball’s valve without twisting, squirt 1oz inside and slowly pull the syringe back out. Re-inflate the ball and bounce it around vigorously for a few minutes to ensure the sealant is spread inside. Using this method you can seal any leak up to 1/16″ in diameter in valve inflatable balls such as footballs and basketballs, bicycle tyres, trailer tyres and motorcycle tyres. Our affordable quarter gallon and gallon size options will repair 30-120 balls respectively, helping you bring old balls back to life and giving you positive protection against valve leaks and punctures. Ball Doctor is a popular ball puncture repair kit in France due to its low price, simplicity and effectiveness.

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