Ball Puncture Repair Kit Canada

The simplicity of the ball puncture repair kit by Ball Doctor is what makes it so popular with schools, clubs, and teams in Canada. Within minutes, any inflatable ball (without a bladder) can be reinflated, and the resin gives you positive protection against valve leaks and punctures. It offers a quick fix that is extremely cost-efficient compared to replacing balls once they have lost their shape. The puncture kit also helps customers save time that would otherwise have been spent ordering and waiting for a delivery of new footballs, basketballs or other balls for their sport. If you have one ball that needs attention, our smallest option will do the trick with a single 1 oz pack. For multiple fixes, we offer quart and gallon sizes that come with a syringe and can be used to repair 30/120 balls. Our reliable puncture repair kit is trusted by customers all over the world to seal leaks and punctures in valve inflated balls quickly and easily.

Great value ball puncture repair kits for clubs in Canada and worldwide

To use the ball repair kit, first ensure the ball is deflated then shake the container of resin well. Fill the syringe and lubricate the nozzle before pushing slowly all the way into the valve. Depress the plunger and remove the syringe once it is empty. Inflate the ball and bounce it vigorously for a couple of minutes until the puncture has been filled.
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