Ball Puncture Repair Kit Australia

Ball Doctor is popular worldwide because it provides customers with a fast and effective ball puncture repair kit that really works! It will tackle any leaks up to 1/16″ in diameter in any valve inflatable ball without a bladder with ease. The resin is quick to apply and its simplicity is key to its success. Schools, clubs and sports teams no longer have to replace a ball once it suffers a puncture and being able to save their existing equipment means they save money.
As soon a leak is spotted, all you need to do is take the affected ball, insert the supplied syringe and squirt the solution inside. To spread it around the inner surface, shake the ball for a few seconds, pump it up then bounce it around to make sure the puncture is completely filled. Once you have used the kit, your ball will be as good as new and ready to play with, so you can put the money aside that would have otherwise been used to purchase a brand-new ball.

Find the ball puncture repair kit to suit your requirements and we’ll have it delivered to Australia in next to no time

Ball Doctor is suitable for most footballs, basketballs and inflatable balls, as well as bicycle and trailer tyres so you can trust that it is designed to be durable and long-lasting. We offer a range of products here on our website that are sure to meet your needs and with your order you can join the individuals around the world using this ball puncture repair kit to bring their inflatable balls back to life. There are three options available and the one that is right for you will depend on the number of balls you need to revive; choose from a single 1 oz pack, Quart size with syringe, and Gallon size with syringe.

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